Muscle Behind The Hustle

Our 3rd release is another artist debut and comes from a name that might not have fallen on your ears yet but we guarantee you’ll be hearing a lot more from this fresh talent. At only 18 years of age, Julian Alexander is our youngest bionic beat butcher to join the team of Dungeon Masters . With a background in Jazz & Hip Hop , a multi instrumentalist and a passion for underground house , Julian steps up to the plate with his own unique style , exploring an even darker chamber of the “dungeon” sound. Stripped down to the bare bones his minimalist approach brings his dynamite drums and sub sonic voodoo to the forefront and troubles even the biggest bass bins with his thick low end frequencies . One of the tracks UNDRGR he wrote when he was only 16 years old highlighting what a real natural talent we have on our hands. It’s with great pleasure we present to you this slammin’ e.p from our next generation .

Grab this solid serving of meat and potatoes (beats n’ bass) right here and at all other quality beat butchers

WARNING: This is designed for sound systems NOT for laptops or smart phones.

PLAY LOUD (For D.J (ab)Use Only)

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