TRACK i-D ?????

We were asked to do a feature for the lovely folks at i-D with a mix to go with it …  They asked us to compile a selection of music to soundtrack various moods and situations. Check it out and get a glimpse at some of the other kinds of sounds and vibes we like to feed our ears with. ……. here is the link to the full article …….Enjoy .

It’s time for the Percolater


In a world of segregation , homogenisation and mass conformity there has been a call echoing across the planet … This call for help has awoken a dormant force that has broken free from it’s shackles in a dark chamber deep underground …. Rising up to save the dance floor, like a genie from the lamp …Don Jon the dungeon master has returned to restore the original values of dance culture and uphold the core beliefs that the scenes foundations were built on . Hedonism , sexual freedom , unity & diversity . No rules , no boundaries , just pure motivation to dance and set your mind & body free. Under the silver light of the moon , out of the shadows Don Jon calls on his faithful sonic warriors to join forces and bring down the walls of the Village Underground. . For one night Percolate alongside Dungeon Meat and their bunch of beat bandits will transform the space into a pleasure zone to fulfil your fantasies and penetrate your minds . Work your body next to voguers & lose yourself to the sounds of NYC Downlow’s Gideön with his sleazy deep house grooves . Prepare to be dazzled by our sizzling hot live act POINT G …. Guaranteed to get you wet . Friday April 23rd …Join our alliance …Tear the roof off and set the night on fire .

Get Purrrverted!



It’s with a good feeling that we present to you a great feline & our newest addition to our band of beat butchers. Kicking off 2016 with a heavy hitting E.P of killer “Paw to the Floor” club jams . Larry de Kat delivers 4 tracks full of personality and power, showcasing his musical prowess and purrrrverted dance floor perspectives.

File this under H for “Hardclaw House Hammers” .

sold out in it’s first week … keep an eye out for the reprrrrrrressssss.

Rock The Block & Get Downlow

This year at Glastonbury Festival, Dungeon Meat had the honour of closing the one and only NYC Downlow again in the block 9 field . Anyone who has experienced this uniquely freak-tastic party pantheon knows just how amazing and liberating it is . Everything from the production to the music programming is done with an eye for detail and quality.  Known by many as the “naughty corner” there is nowhere quite like it on the planet and for us it is always a highlight of our yearly calendar. So as a tribute to this wonderful party we decided to do a ltd edition DJ mix c.d  that we handed out to people over the course of the weekend . Inspired by the infamous Sound Factory NYC we put together 1hr of classic underground tunes that captured the essence of this legendary club. For those that weren’t lucky enough to be there and grab a hard copy here it is for the rest of the world to feed your ears with .

We hope you dig the music and enjoy the vibe .

G Force

After a solid start to 2015 with the Parisian power house POINT G we are bringing some more ” G force ” from another master craftsman … Mr G is no stranger to the world of house and techno and needs little introduction . We are super excited to welcome him to the label … a true Dungeon Master indeed and a great addition to our sonic force of beat butchers .

As expected he effortlessly swings his axe between his trademark sounds over 4 tracks and delivers an EP that represents the classic MR G sound and at the same time represents another chamber of the Dungeon Meat vibe .

Press play and enter the SWEAT BOX .



Dungeon Meat are back with a bang and start 2015 with a mighty slam of the hammer . The 4th EP to come from the dungeons and a special one as the boys enlist one of their long time inspirations POINT G aka DJ Gregory to deliver his first ep for the label . This heavy 3 track collection marks the first collaboration between the Parisian don and Leeds’ finest beat butchers . An alliance that will have fans of both artists hot under the collar . DM are very honoured to be the first label outside of POINT G’s own imprints to release a full ep from him. Here POINT G delivers a selection of his trademark stripped back club bangers ready to do the damage on any dance floor . If this is a taste of things to come then we can’t wait to hear what is served up in the near future from this united force.