It’s time for the Percolater


In a world of segregation , homogenisation and mass conformity there has been a call echoing across the planet … This call for help has awoken a dormant force that has broken free from it’s shackles in a dark chamber deep underground …. Rising up to save the dance floor, like a genie from the lamp …Don Jon the dungeon master has returned to restore the original values of dance culture and uphold the core beliefs that the scenes foundations were built on . Hedonism , sexual freedom , unity & diversity . No rules , no boundaries , just pure motivation to dance and set your mind & body free. Under the silver light of the moon , out of the shadows Don Jon calls on his faithful sonic warriors to join forces and bring down the walls of the Village Underground. . For one night Percolate alongside Dungeon Meat and their bunch of beat bandits will transform the space into a pleasure zone to fulfil your fantasies and penetrate your minds . Work your body next to voguers & lose yourself to the sounds of NYC Downlow’s Gideön with his sleazy deep house grooves . Prepare to be dazzled by our sizzling hot live act POINT G …. Guaranteed to get you wet . Friday April 23rd …Join our alliance …Tear the roof off and set the night on fire .

Get Purrrverted!



It’s with a good feeling that we present to you a great feline & our newest addition to our band of beat butchers. Kicking off 2016 with a heavy hitting E.P of killer “Paw to the Floor” club jams . Larry de Kat delivers 4 tracks full of personality and power, showcasing his musical prowess and purrrrverted dance floor perspectives.

File this under H for “Hardclaw House Hammers” .

sold out in it’s first week … keep an eye out for the reprrrrrrressssss.