Fabric get a MEAT injection

 Fabric get a MEAT injection

On March 1st Dungeon Meat had the pleasure of hosting room 3 at one of the best clubs in the world, Fabric London.

Blunt Instruments warmed up with a ninjas selection of dungeon treats and set the tone perfectly for our FIRST EVER live set . 10 weeks of hard work spat out in one hour of new unreleased music mixed in with a couple of new versions of current releases.

We were thrilled with the outcome , the hard work paid off and we served up a slamming showcase of things to come.

After the live Brawther hot footed it across the dancefloor and immediately began an audio assassination dropping weapons left right and centre taking no prisoners. Regardless of what was happening in the other rooms, the majority of people who came to see us stayed in room 3 all night .

The Dungeon Meat thread was present throughout the whole morning and was finished off with some serious DM back2back keeping the room pumping and popping until the very end. The vibe was just right with great energy from the crowd. Thanks to everyone who pumped a fist and did a twist on the dancefloor . Your support is truly recognised and appreciated.

BIG thanks to Fabric for having us and believing in us  and HUGE respect to Blunt Instruments for representing and dropping the hammer.

Keep ’em peeled for more gigs and live shows coming soon .

The Dungeon Master

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