Blunt Instruments Debut EP Cuts Like Razor

Blunt Instruments - Hold Back EP

Blunt Instruments – Hold Back EP

Cutting deep into the veins of house music is our debut ep from the mighty axe wielding BLUNT INSTRUMENTS . It’s with great pleasure that we kick off our exciting new Dungeon Meat imprint with 3 killer club cuts from such an undeniable talent . Hailing from the darkest depths of West Yorkshire armed with synths and samplers, his sound clearly reflects a love of the true essence of US House music and showcases the skills and ears of a real craftsman. Someone who shares and expresses our vision, effortlessly capturing the vibe of the Dungeon Meat sound with his razor sharp beat programming , brutal basslines and moody melodies . We won’t go on too much trying to describe each track and how good they are , instead we’ll let the music do the talking.

This heavyweight EP is OUT NOW and we are extremely proud to present it to you dressed to impress with super deluxe embossed sleeves , stickers, print and 180gram black wax . Available from all good beat butchers across the globe … you can order here to make sure you get a copy as there’s no doubt this one is going to fly off the shelves…so DON’T HOLD BACK BACK BACK BACK !